Eagles getting Russell Wilson doesn't sound realistic

by Marc Narducci | Mar 20, 2022
Eagles getting Russell Wilson doesn't sound realistic

During the NFL combine, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman expressed his faith in quarterback Jalen Hurts. When asked if Hurts is the guy, Roseman said to reporters at the combine, “Yes, there is no doubt about it,”
Roseman then expanded on the topic.

“We’re doing everything we can to maximize our players' ability to be successful and, certainly, that starts at the quarterback position with Jalen,” he said.

While there is no reason not to take Roseman at his word, things can change.

There has been a growing narrative that Seattle’s Russell Wilson could be available, even though Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, said that there is no thought about trading him.

Again, these things are known to change.
Here is one thing that seems true – it’s hard to see Seattle making Wilson available.

Yes, he is 33 and has two years left on his contract and it’s possible he could tell Seattle he doesn’t want to play for them and they would likely have to entertain shopping him.

Wilson hasn’t let that known publicly and from Seattle’s case, dealing a franchise quarterback rarely brings back an equal return.

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Wilson is coming off his worst season, but there is a reason. He had a finger injury, the first of his career that forced him to miss time
Wilson returned after missing three games and he didn’t play well, but it’s been speculated that he returned too soon and was still affected by the injury.

He also played on a team with a below-average offensive line and defense.

With the offensive line the Eagles have and the supporting cast, Wilson could likely win by playing in Philadelphia. 

That said, Seattle would be crazy to even entertain the thought of trading Wilson.

In the NFL, teams need a top-flight quarterback to win.
Just look at the Super Bowl – Joe Burrow against Matthew Stafford.
This year Stafford showed he is an elite quarterback when surrounded by quality talent.

He was a great quarterback for so many years in Detroit, but he was playing for a dysfunctional organization. Eventually, Stafford asked out and the Lions obliged.

Detroit received Jared Goff, two first-round picks, and a third-rounder for Stafford.

Who do you think got the better of this trade?
That is why if there is a chance to get Wilson, the Eagles should pursue it.
The price would probably be three first-round picks plus Hurts.
Would that be too much?

Not if Wilson reverts to his play of the previous nine years instead of last year.

Look at it from Seattle’s perspective.
If they traded Wilson, would Hurts and the draft picks be a viable alternative?

While we feel Hurts is a capable quarterback, does he have the ability to put a team on his shoulders the way Wilson has?

In the NFL elite quarterbacks lead teams to Super Bowls.
It says here Wilson remains an elite quarterback.

Seattle realizes this, which is why it would be surprising if they made him available unless their hand is forced.

Author: Marc Narducci


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