Phillies path to the playoffs looking strong

by Marc Narducci | Aug 8, 2022
Phillies path to the playoffs looking strong
From this vantage point, it appears as if it will be hard for the Phillies not to make the playoffs. Barring an unforeseen injury, the Phillies are not only playing well while hoping to get Bryce Harper back possibly by the end of the month, but their schedule includes a heavy dose of losing teams remaining.

The Phillies should return to the postseason for the first time since 2011. 

There are three wildcard spots.

Realistically, four teams are competing for the three sports – the Atlanta Braves, Phillies, San Diego Padres and the second place National League Central team, either the St. Louis Cardinals or Milwaukee Brewers. 

For these purposes, we are conceding the National League East to the NY Mets and the N.L. West to Los Angeles Dodgers. This is not exactly going out on a limb.

The top two division winners will earn first-round byes. The third division winner will face the third wildcard team, with the first two wildcard teams meeting in the other series.

These two series will be a best of three in the first round, all at the higher seed, which is why earning that top wild card spot is so important.

Here are the remaining schedules of the Braves, Phillies Padres, Cardinals and Brewers beginning with Tuesday’s Aug. 9 games.


Games against sub .500 teams (through Monday’s games): Miami (9), Cincinnati (7), Pittsburgh (3), Arizona (3), San Francisco (3), Washington (7), Chicago Cubs (3). Total – 36.

Games left vs. .500 or better teams: NY Mets (7), Atlanta (7), Toronto (2), Houston (3). Total – 19.


Games against sub .500 teams: Boston (2) Miami (10), Pittsburgh (3), Colorado (3), Oakland (2), San Francisco (3), Washington (6) – 29.

Games against .500 or better teams: NY Mets (7), Houston (3), St. Louis (3), Seattle (3), Phillies (7) – 23. 


Games against sub .500 teams: Colorado (6), Arizona (3), Chicago Cubs (8), Cincinnati (8), Washington (4), and Pittsburgh (9). Total – 38

Games against .500 or better teams – Milwaukee (7), Atlanta (3), San Diego (3), and LA Dodgers (3). Total – 16


Games against sub .500 teams: San Francisco (8), Washington (7), Miami (3), Kansas City (3), Arizona (7), Colorado (3), and Chicago Cubs (3). Total – 34.

Games against .500 or better teams: Cleveland (2), LA Dodgers (9), Seattle (2), and St. Louis (3). Total – 18


Games against sub .500 teams: Chicago Cubs (6), Pittsburgh (3), Arizona (7), Colorado (3), San Francisco (2), Cincinnati (7), and Miami (4). Total – 32

Games against .500 or better teams – Tampa Bay (2), St. Louis (7), LA Dodgers (7), NY Yankees (3), NY Mets (3). Total – 22.

We know that in baseball, even the worst teams will likely win 60 games a year (although a team like the Nationals will have trouble reaching 50) so anything can happen. Just look right after the All-Star break, when the Chicago Cubs came to Citizens Bank Park and swept the Phillies in a three-game weekend series.

That said, one would rather play the losing teams, especially in the final two months of the season. Some of those teams could be playing out the string. 

Everybody understands that there are different circumstances surrounding each team’s opponents, especially late in the year. Some losing teams may have young players auditioning for the future and will be playing competitive baseball. 

However, no matter how enthusiastic a young, losing team may be, if they don’t have the pitching, they will find difficulty competing against the offenses of the Braves, Padres, Phillies and Cardinals. 

(The Brewers have an anemic offense and will be relying more on their capable starting rotation).

Nothing is assured, but right now, the Phillies are in an excellent position.


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Author: Marc Narducci


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