Trenton Has Water Problem

Trenton Has Water Problem The city of Trenton has a water emergency brought on by flooding, according to Mayor Doug Palmer.

People are still not able to return to their homes. Some places had as much as four feet of water in their basements.

"We live on the river, this is what happens," one victim said.

The island section of Trenton was hammered by massive flooding over the weekend, mostly caused by storm drains that overflowed.

"We've gone through this before. What are you gonna do? It's Mother Nature and you have to deal with it," said Marrano Carmen, a flood victim.

For several hours Monday, Trenton residents stood around wondering when they could go back home. Then, Monday afternoon, they were told they would be allowed to go into their house with an inspector for a brief check.

"I think my basement is full of water. I don't think it got to my first floor," said Kay McGahen, a flood victim.

Once back on the island, people found flooded streets and basements, but despite all that water, Palmer said that the city Trenton will have to conserve and boil water.

"The water is very murky. Our system is not going to be able to process that water, so we won't be able to conserve, so if you don't have to wash that load of clothes until Wednesday, please wait," Palmer said.

Trenton's water pressure is very low and people are being asked to conserve because it will take several days to build back up.

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