CCC In Top 100 Assoc. Degree Producers

by Press Release-CCC | Aug 27, 2006
CCC In Top 100 Assoc. Degree Producers Camden County College graduates more associate’s degree recipients than all but 91 of the nation’s thousands of institutions of higher education.

According to an analysis of federal Department of Education data by Community College Week newspaper, CCC ranked 92nd nationwide in terms of overall associate’s degree completion. The study reviewed 2004-05 statistics, the most recent available, from the thousands of two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States to generate a list of the top 100.

CCC achieved its placement by awarding 1,189 associate’s degrees that term. No other South Jersey school made this list.

The Community College Week study also reviewed data regarding associate’s degree completion for individual subject areas and compiled lists of the top 50 institutions by discipline. Camden County 12College ranked seventh in education and also placed 40th in nursing and 49th in criminal justice. During 2004-05, CCC awarded 180 associate’s degrees in elementary/secondary education; 157 associate’s degrees in nursing; and 70 associate’s degrees in criminal justice.

In addition to analyzing overall and discipline-specific statistics, the study analyzed statistics regarding degree completion in terms of student demographics. Camden County College ranked 71st in number of associate’s degrees earned by black students (194) as well as 75th in number of associate’s degrees earned by non-minority students (869). No other South Jersey schools made either list.

To be included in the study, institutions must operate within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. They also must be eligible to receive financial aid funding under federal Title IV legislation.

All rankings from the study were published in a special edition of Community College Week titled “Top 100 Associate’s Degree Producers, 2006.”

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Author: Press Release-CCC



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