Free Lecture Series on Ancient Egypt

by Press Release-CCC | Jan 7, 2007
Free Lecture Series on Ancient Egypt Stories of pharaohs, pyramids and other icons of antiquity will be told during Camden County College’s free Spring 2007 public lecture series “Ancient Egypt and the New Kingdom.” The lectures will begin at 7pm on seven Wednesdays in February, March and April. Each installment will be delivered in the auditorium of the Danch CIM Center on CCC’s Blackwood Campus.

Scheduled are:

Feb. 7: “Akhenaten and Tutankhamen: The Amarna Period in Ancient Egypt” with Jennifer Wenger of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Wenger will discuss the dramatic changes that took place in Egyptian society during the reigns of these pharaohs.

Feb. 21: “Amarna Art: Evolution or Revolution?” with Rita Freed of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Freed will examine the intriguing artwork created during the age of Akhenaten and Nerfertiti.

March 7: “Hatshepsut” with Catherine Roehrig of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Roehrig will discuss the reign of the female pharaoh and her impact on ancient Egypt.

March 28: “The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen” with John L. Pesda of Camden County College. Pesda will “tour” King Tut’s tomb and review controversies resulting from its discovery.

April 4: “The Murder of Tutankhamen” with Bob Brier of Long Island University. Brier will unravel the mystery of the 19-year-old pharaoh’s death.

April 11: “Religion and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt” with Betsy M. Bryan of Johns Hopkins University. Bryan will focus on the sun god’s defeat of death and the immortality he promised followers.

April 18: “The Mysterious Mummy of Unknown Man E” with Pat Remler of Long Island University. Remler will discuss the 1886 discovery of a mummy that seemed to be screaming.

State-certified teachers can earn three hours of approved professional development for each lecture that they attend.

For details, call (856) 227-7200, ext. 4432, or e-mail

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Author: Press Release-CCC



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