256-Person LAN Event To Raise Funds

by Press Release | Sep 26, 2007
256-Person LAN Event To Raise Funds The GXL is returning to the forefront of the Southern New Jersey LAN community with their fifth large scale LAN event to be held from Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28. With 256 attending, three structured BYOC (bring your own computer) tournaments and numerous side events October's event is set to be the biggest LAN in Southern New Jersey since 2005. Staff members have shifted their energy from production to entertainment. After careful planning staff members have opened up the LAN experience to include area for console games and a series of contests that offer sponsor donated prizes in addition to BYOC tournaments.

Tournaments continue to be run according to rigorous GXL standards, as staff members understand the importance tournaments hold for an event. They have their own administrators, are run properly, on time and fairly.

Established in February of 2004 the GXL started as a collaboration of local gaming glands and organizations in the tri-state area. Joining together the most talented gamers and IT professionals in Southern New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania the GXL offers a gaming experience unlike any other. Staff members have dedicated time and energy to form a coloration with one common goal in mind: to reach as many gamers as possible and offer them the best LAN experience.

A non-profit organization, the GXL receives support and cooperation exclusively from the Millville Rescue Squad. To show support and appreciation, the GXL donates any additional revenue to the Millville Rescue Squad, seeking to give back to the community that supports them and further establish their role in the community of Southern New Jersey gamers.

For additional information regarding the GXL and October's LAN, please visit www.thegxl.com.

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