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My Favorite Project: Dressing Room
For more than four years, Elizabeth Snyder pondered what to do with the large finished room that sat next to (and was only accessible from) her master bedroom. Situated directly over her two-car garage, the room offered a generous amount of floor space but was limited by the dramatic angles and pitches of the home’s roofline.

Attention To Detail
The small touches you can make to your home that can totally transform your space
Tough economic times give homeowners new perspective on their surroundings.

Winterizing Your Home
Prepare your home for cooler temperatures with these easy projects.
Remember Aesop’s fable about the ant and the grasshopper?

Perfecting the Look of Your Landscape
When Country Lane Nursery puts together an action plan for its clients, it’s more than just a detailed proposal for beautifying a property, it’s designing functional outdoor spaces utilizing landscaping, hardscaping and decorative elements.

What’s Cooking
New oven and stovetop technology will change your cooking in short order.