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Haddonfield Mem. HS Students Earn Honors

Haddonfield Mem. HS Students Earn Honors
Dr. Joseph Serico, Principal at Haddonfield Memorial High School, posted the first quarter honor roll for the 2001-02 school year and extended congratulations to the students listed.

To be eligible, students must carry four, five credit courses in addition to physical education and receive no grade less than 85.

Students achieved this recognition by being named to one of three honor rolls. Those students with grades of 93 or better in at least four courses are distinguished with first honors. Those students with grades of 93 or higher in three courses may be named to the second honor roll. Those students with grades of 93 or higher in two courses may be named to the third honor roll.

Students earning First Honors: Abel, Kimberly; Alessi, Kathryn; Aminto, Alison; Azar, Danielle; Barbano, Lauren; Barker, William; Beaver, Thomas; Beirs, Benjamin; Belknap, John; Benavidez, Ann; Bentley, Jean; Berger, Jon; Bernacki, Rachel; Bernetich, Matthew; Bissinger, Zachary; Bonnette, Breton; Bonnette, Brittany; Booker, Abigail Margaret; Booker, Lindsey; Brinkley, Catherine; Bronstein, Theodore; Brookes, Maureen; Brophy, Alison; Brown, Emily; Burmaster, Katharine B.; Calabretta, Stacy; Campbell, Claire; Campbell, Matthew; Carll, Jamie; Carmody, Heather; Carr, Jack; Carroll, Stephanie; Caulk, David; Childs, Andrew; Chiumento, Katherine; Ciallella, Lauren; Clark, Ashley; Cohn, Jenna; Cohn, Michael; Coleman, Benjamin; Comfort, Robert; Comfort, Tanner; Connell, Maura; Console, Andrew; Cossaboon, Amanda; Coyle, Stephanie; Crain, Julianna; Cubitt, Allyson; DAgati, Kathleen; Dalsey, Chelsea; Davis, Melissa; DeMarco, Jeffrey; Dembowski, Matthew; Dreher, Stephanie; Droney, Timothy; Duffy, Brigid; Fatale, Christine; Fatale, Melissa; Feicht, Emily; Fiorella, Kathryn; Fiorilli, Paul; Flesher, Kaitlyn; Fog, Henning; Fox, Krysta; Franchetti, Stephanie; Friant, Keith; Garnier, Laura; Gartzman, Steven; Gavin, Kelly; Gebbia, Jennifer; Gidding, Nathan; Gilson, Jennifer; Gold, Maria; Gray, Tracy; Grossman, Sarah; Gruber, Morgen; Haines, Christopher; Haines, Kimberly; Hamilton, Katie; Hammond, Clare; Hannan, James; Harkins, Alison; Harkins, Brian; Harris, Keighley; Harris, Tracey Alison; Hartman, Karl; Hawthorne, Emily; Hawthorne, Jessica; Hee, Kevin; Heisler, Emily; Helmer, David; Hluchan, Christine; Huber, Andrew William; Hunt, Emily; Hyman, E. Paige; Jackson, Ryan; Janes, Benjamin; Janssen, Graig; Jesiolowski, Joseph; Jesiolowski, Lea; Johnson, Kelsey; Jorgensen, Andrew; Kahl, Lauren; Katz, Daniel; Katz, Emily; Keane, William; Kelly, Claire; Kiessling , Andrew; King, Paul Nelson; Knauss, Barbara; Koch, Toni; Kugler, Lindsay; Kumar, Shilpa; Lacatena, Anthony; Lawlor, Melissa; LeCates, Sarah; Lenny, Megan; Leonard, Scott; Levin, Carly; Levy, Katelyn Hanigan; Lewis, Benjamin; Leyh, Peter; Lick, Adam Nicholas; Lide, Ellen; Lyons, Beth; MacGibeny, Margaret; Maccherone, Marita C.; Maiatico, Elizabeth; Manning, Stephanie; Marcello, Christine; Marshall, Laine; Marshall, Lauren; Mastriano, Laura; Masullo, Laura; Mayer, Lauren; McCandless, Caitlin; McClure, Matt; McDonald, Meridith; McGrath, Kathryn Ann; McLaughlin, Terence; McNamara, Noreen; Moon, Jeffrey; Mulderig, Patrick; Murphy, Maggie; Murphy, Nancy; Mussoline, Sarah; Nolan, Ryan; Nosek, Andrew; Novinskie, Emily; ODonnell, Tarin; Page, Steven; Paolucci, Drew; Payne, Kyle; Pease, Emily; Perry, Meredith; Peterson, Melissa; Petrelius, Katherine; Ramstad, Erik Alan; Rand, Cory; Richard, Annika; Richey, Diana; Robertson, Sarah; Roderick, Ian; Runne, Caroline; Rusie, Julianne; Russoniello, Christopher; Sanchez, Mary; Saul-Zerby, Amy; Saynisch, Philip; Scardigli, Michael; Scardilli, Brandi; Schwartz, Avery; Scott, Stephanie; Sikkema, Kaitlyn; Skros, Susan; Slobodien, Elana; Sobolewski, Jamie; Sobolewski, Julie; St. Onge, Katherine; Stanton, John; Stayton, Colin; Stepanuk, Alexandra; Sterling, Megan Jennifer; Stout, Stephen; Swift, Kara; Takacs, Brett; Taraschi, Therese Mary; Tarbell, Dorcas; Tassini, Kevin; Testa, Sarah; Thuer, Kaitlin; Torok, Elena; Tortoreto, Christina; Tropiano, AnnMarie; Turner, Ryan; Turrin, Elizabeth; VanArsdalen, Jill; Vento, Jenna; Vermaat, Jessica; Villa, Megan; Villalobos, Gregory; Vitez, Sally; Von Thaden, Lynn; Walker, AnnaLisa; Weigand, Scott; Whitehead, Thomas; Wiest, Christine; Williams, Sarah; Wilson, Emily; Wilson, Lindsey; Wolf, Jeffrey; Wolfe, Heather; Woodland, Emily; Ziegler, Carly; Zinsky, Kate; Zoubek, Sarah.

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Students earning Second Honors: Acerbo, Cheryl; Bentley, Katherine; Bolger, Tracy; Brookes, Elijah; Brookover, Charlotte; Buono, Jessica; Cahill, Michael; Carr, Kathleen; Coyle, Remy; Davidson, Sara Elizabeth; DePietro, Meredith; Driscoll, Laura; Ellis, Laura; Erdner, Kyle; Falana, Kyle; Farr, Hayley; Fisher, Lauren; Galunic, Nicholas; Glenn, Robert; Hagner, Thomas; Hall, Gina; Harman, Lauren; Heindel, Peter; Hessenthaler, Kathryn; Holt, Michael; Huber, Matthew; Johnson, Lindsey; Killelea, John; Koniges, Audrey; Kwasnik, Natalie; Lane, Kevin; Lawson, Alexandra C; Lindenberg, Laura; Lovell, Mackenzie; Magee, Kelly; Maloney, Molly; Manning, Jennifer; Marquess, Brighid; McGlaughlin, Mary; McMahon, Matthew; Mercogliano, Alex A.; Morton, Nathan; ONeill, Kristin; ORourke, Allison (Molly); Polman, Kelly; Poppalardo, Lauren; Reed, Devon; Reed, Lindsay; Reif, Meghan; Reingold, Molly; Rosenfeld, Kristen; Ruggero, Michael; Russo, Lauren; Schmidt, Scott; Scott, Justin Daniel; Shaner, Nicole; Shepherd, Sarah; Smith, Megan; Stiles Jr., Robert; Tropiano, Christina.

Students earning Third Honors: Benedetti, Truman; Carrigan, Shannon; Cofsky, Michael; Creran, Timothy; Cucinotta, Lauren; Cullen, Colleen; Dahms, Dennis; DePersia, Robert T.; Goldberg, Brian; Hall, Emme; Hessert, Thomas; Jaeger, Kristin; Karpman, Brett; Krywokulski, Katherine; Levering, Scott; Lieberman, Sonia; McClure, Ellen Tara; Miller, Colleen; Morabito, Kenneth; Mussoline, Diane; Platzer, Jacqueline; Rosenblatt, James S.; Seigenthaler, Paul; Spanier, Alison.

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