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The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole
Southern New Jersey and the Pine Barrens are infamous for being the home of the Jersey Devil; many have come and gone believing that they have seen this mysterious creature. One place in South Jersey that has many legends linked to the Jersey Devil is the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is an almost perfectly round pool of water with crystal clear water unlike that of surrounding murky rivers and lakes. It is not certain what created this perfectly round blue hole in the heart of South Jersey, but it is believed that it was created by a meteor that had struck the ground. The Blue Hole is located in Winslow, about a mile off of Piney Hollow Road near the Great Egg Harbor River, and can be found by those adventurous enough to hike through the woods to get to it.

The History
In More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey, Henry Charlton Beck speaks to those who are native to the area. We are informed that the area surrounding the Blue Hole is known to locals as “ In skip,” named after a Sawmill (Inskip Brick) and the man who lived there. The farm land in the vicinity and the area was sometimes referred to as Inskipsford.

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According to Melody McDonald in an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the area was once used to host gatherings such as the Williamstown Volunteer Fire Company’s corn cookouts and picnics during the 1930s. There was once a bridge that crossed the Great Egg Harbor River that made the blue hole easily accessible, but was destroyed by a severe storm sometime in the late ‘50s. Once this happened gatherings slowly declined at the Blue Hole.

The Legend
The Blue Hole is thought to be the “bottomless pit of Beelzebub,” an icy hole that is the bathtub of the devil. There are many stories of people attempting to swim in it, having only to be rescued because they were pulled under by the Jersey Devil himself. There have been reports of unexplained whirlpools within the lake, but otherwise, it is eerily calm. Children have long been warned to not swim in this great blue hole, for if they did they may be destined to peril within the hands of the devil in this cold blue grave.

Many have traveled to the Blue Hole in search of the Jersey Devil to find out for themselves whether or not the legend of the Blue Hole is true. No one is really sure of the origin of this myth (or whether it really is a myth). It could be folklore passed down from generation to generation that began to keep children from swimming in the cold water of the hole, or perhaps maybe one unfortunate soul was attacked by the Jersey Devil and the truth became legend. Those who go in search of the Blue Hole are warned to do so at their own risk.

To read more about the Blue Hole, check out More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey, by Henry Charlton Beck.

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Author: Erin Pierson


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