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Eagles Hit Their Lowest Point, Can They Rebound?
It’s been a constant theme this season that the Eagles aren’t out of the running for the postseason although there are plenty jumping off the bandwagon after Sunday’s 48-7 loss at New Orleans.

Sixers Embiid Off to a Blazing Start
The 76ers haven’t gotten off to the start they had hoped for, but it’s a long NBA season. What has been impressive has been the play of center Joel Embiid who has taken his game up a huge notch.

Eagles at the Bye
Few people expected the Eagles to be 4-4 as they hit their bye week.

Eagles Performance is a Cause for Alarm, But Not Panic
While the Eagles had a meltdown for the ages in Sunday’s 21-17 loss to the visiting Carolina Panthers, anybody suggesting this season is over, is simply pulling the plug way