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Andrienne Eigenrauch, Christine Santosuosso, Gregory Tocco and Donna Tocco at The Olive, Cherry Hill

Shabre Anderson, Bert Ostroff and Helene Geigerman at Au Courant, Haddonfield

Janet Rizzo, Aggie Cortese, Rosemary Bullock and Lee Stark at Au Courant, Haddonfield

Angel Giordano, Jenna Stark, Jackie Giordano, Rosemary Bullock and South Jersey Magazine's Public Relations Coordinator, Mindie Barnett at Au Courant, Haddonfield

George and Martha Smith, Lydia and Dr. Paul Krueger, Diane and Dr. George Piper at UMDNJ's White Coat Ball

Dana Anglund, Aubrey Troutman, Oana Devnick and David Devnick at UMDNJ's White Coat Ball

Mary Louise Bianco-Smith, Kathy Konicki, Connie Spencer, Dean Micciche, Anne Hanan and Lucy McGorry at UMDNJ's White Coat Ball