Some Updated NJSIAA Guidelines for Fall Sports

by Marc Narducci | Sep 1, 2020
Some Updated NJSIAA Guidelines for Fall Sports
In preparing for a season like no other, the NJSIAA has amended its rules concerning transfers. 
The amended rule states that “Any student who transfers on or before September 1, for fall sports, or on or before November 1, for winter sports, will not be required to sit 30 days, or half the season, whichever is less. Any student that transfers after those dates will be subject to the sit-period…Given that the spring season for the 2019-2020 school year was cancelled, no student-athlete participated at the varsity level in 2019-2020 in a spring sport. Therefore, there is no deadline by which a student-athlete must transfer to participate in a spring sport to be immediately eligible.”
The NJSIAA also modified its “change of residence” requirements. In the past, a student-athlete had to change his or her residence to become immediately eligible. 
“There shall not be a requirement that the parent/guardian moves with the student-athlete from one public high school district to another public high school district. A student-athlete may transfer to or from a public or non-public school without being subject to the 30-day sit period.”
Again, referring to the amendments up top, the transfer must occur by Sept. 1 to be immediately eligible for fall sports and by Nov. 1 to be immediately eligible for the winter season. 
Another update the NJSIAA released was about the number of fans who could attend a fall sports event. The NJSIAA only issued these guidelines only for the fall. 
Gov. Murphy has established outdoor gathering guidelines in NJ Executive Order 161. 
The NJSIAA advised that these guidelines could change at any time. As of now, the outdoor competition will be limited to 500 people. That doesn’t include the participants or those who are on the field of play such as coaches, officials, trainers, score keepers, etc. 
All spectators are to wear face coverings, unless it would inhibit the individual’s health. 
“Our primary focus has and will continue to be providing student-athletes as many opportunities as possible to play the sports they love,” says Colleen Maguire, NJSIAA’s chief operating officer in a statement on the NJSIAA website “So, whenever necessary or appropriate, we’ll revise regulations to accommodate the peculiarities of this unusual year. That’s what we’ve done today, and that’s what we’ll continue to do, as needed.”
Fall sports athletes currently have a two-week break that began on Aug. 29. Practice will resume on Sept. 14. As stated before, the girls’ tennis season will be the first to start on Sept. 28. Boys’ and girls’ cross country and soccer along with field hockey will start on Oct. 1 and football begins on Friday, Oct. 2.
The two fall sports that compete indoors, gymnastics and volleyball, will be moved to a new season, with practice beginning Feb. 16 and competition on March 3.

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Now the next hurdle is getting to Sept. 14 returning to the field and then preparing for a season that is highly anticipated.

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Author: Marc Narducci


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