Grant Will Help Serve ASD Students

by Press Release--Camden County College | May 13, 2010
Grant Will Help Serve ASD Students Camden County College (CCC) has been awarded a grant by The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJF) to support professional development for College faculty and staff and community members who work with students who have autism spectrums disorders (ASD).

DJF, which is located in Ridgewood, N.J., awarded CCC a 2010 Community Seed Grant in the amount of $2,000. This funding is allowing the College to respond to the growing need for support services for students with ASD who are pursuing higher education and career exploration at CCC through the Y.A.L.E. Schools’ Transition Education Center.

“The Transition Education Center helps students with ASD develop the academic and social skills they need to succeed in college and in the workforce,” said grants development specialist Catherine Brown. “Enrollees attend classes and participate in a job-shadowing program offered by the College.

“To expand the College’s capabilities, additional training was needed for the professors who have these students in the classroom and for the administrators who support their efforts in class and beyond.”

CCC has been offering an introductory seminar on ASD, instructed by Professor Jennifer Hoheisel, for several semesters. However, additional training beyond this introduction is needed to adequately serve the needs of students and job-shadowers with ASD.

ASD are generally characterized by impairments in social interactions and communication skills. However, these disorders also may affect cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning.

DJF is a national, volunteer-run autism organization. DJF develops, advocates for and awards grants to programs that focus on adults with ASD throughout the United States and creates opportunities for residential, vocational, educational and recreational inclusion and participation in community life.

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Author: Press Release--Camden County College


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