Gov. Codey's E-Genda

by Press Release--Office of the Governor | Mar 13, 2005
Gov. Codey's E-Genda Hard working New Jersey families know they cannot spend more money each year than they have. And now New Jersey Government is going to learn that lesson. Acting Governor Richard J. Codey presented his budget proposals to the Legislature recently -- a budget that is honest about the amount of money available, stops the use of one-time revenue sources and reckless borrowing and offers that largest spending cut in State history.

Like that prudent family, Codey recognizes that out-of-control spending and balancing the budget with one shot gimmicks and continued borrowing are a threat to our future. In his budget message, he told the Legislature and the People of New Jersey: “ The days of spending like there’s no tomorrow end today.”

Codey initiated a new era of fiscal responsibility by proposing a fair, honest and humane budget that includes:
The largest spending cut in State history with no increase in sales or income tax;
A total decrease of more than $500 million;
A freeze on spending on State government operations;
Funding for the office of the Governor and for each of the Cabinet members has been cut by 10%;
Shrinking State government and eliminating at least 500 positions without resorting to layoffs;
Zero borrowing to cover operating costs;
Spending cuts that exceed revenue raisers by a 5 to 1 margin.

This budget is honest and lean, but it is not inhumane. The State’s obligations to its children, its senior citizens, and all the most vulnerable will be met. Homeland security, our State Police and law enforcement will continue to receive the needed funding to protect our residents.

This budget proposal will initiate a frank discussion and lively debate. Governor Codey wants to hear from anyone with constructive suggestions and positive advice on how to make this proposal better. Government does not have a monopoly on good ideas. Contact him through the State website at to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Codey Proposes Investment in the Promise of Stem Cells
Governor Codey has proposed the funding necessary to make New Jersey a world leader in stem cell discovery. By creating the first publicly funded stem cell research and patient care facility in the country, he has committed New Jersey to the future of medicine.

The Governor has asked voters to approve a $230 million investment into research grants for stem cell study. This research offers the hope that we will one day find cures for diseases previously deemed hopeless , and that families who pray for a cure may be blessed with a miracle.

Codey is encouraging residents to organize meetings in their communities to learn more about the promise of stem cells. If you would like to arrange for an expert to speak to your group, contact the Governor’s office at, or call (609) 777-2500.

Codey Moves to Keep Best Social Workers
Under an initiative proposed in the Governor’s recent State of the State address, New Jersey would forgive up to $20,000 in student loans for any college graduate working in a State or non-profit mental health or social service agency.

Currently, about 38% of social workers in community-based provider agencies leave their jobs after one year. Most of these are new graduates who are having trouble repaying student loans.

Governor Codey is committed to retaining the best quality people so we can provide the best quality care.

Website Helps Students with Their Studies
A new web page provides homework help for any New Jersey student with a valid public library card.

The website can be found at, or by clicking the link on the State website.

The site is run by a network of experienced librarians who provide free, live, interactive assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are prepared to answer any question on any subject. In addition, students in grades 4-12 have access to expert tutors in Math, Science, Social Studies or English. These tutors are available every day from 2pm-10pm.

Log onto for more information.

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Author: Press Release--Office of the Governor


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