You Can Help Katrina Refugee Babies

by Press Release | Sep 4, 2005
You Can Help Katrina Refugee Babies Jennifer Roop, owner of Blue Sky Baby Slings (, is organizing a drop shipment to Houston of baby carriers for Katrina victims. She will do the big shipment through her WAHM business to a church that has agreed to serve as a distribution point for them. Anybody who's carried around even a newborn for several hours knows how tiring it is, and the people in the shelters have no where safe to lay their babies.

Right now she is just lookking to do carriers, because they will more than likely get enough local donations to cover clothes and such initially, but giving the living situation (so to speak) the carriers are really the best option for "carrying" a baby -- there isn't any storage and not much "personal space" in the shelters.

If you have any baby carriers that are in gently-used condition that you will no longer be using (or are willing to part with now anyway), please contact Kelly McCann []to arrange a local drop off, and Kelly will send them to her. If you are part of a group--e.g., LLL, API, HMN--that might be able to help, please feel free to forward this.

To read Jennifer's message, click here.

Thank you.

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