SalemCo Comm on Women to Hold Road Rally

by Press Release | Mar 9, 2008
SalemCo Comm on Women to Hold Road Rally The Salem County Commission on Women will conduct a Road Rally on March 29 to highlight historical contributions of women in Salem County. This anniversary celebration will take the form of a Road Rally throughout the county. The Rally will be conducted from 10:00 am until 4:00pm, rain or shine. Registration forms are available by calling Irene Wanner at 856-935-7510. Guide books and lunch vouchers will be mailed to participants approximately ten days after receipt of fee. The cost of the Rally is $10 and includes a box lunch available for pick up at The Memorial Hospital of Salem County on Route 45 in Mannington. On-site registration will also be available at the Hospital.

Participants may visit the sites at their own convenience and in whatever order they choose. However, certain demonstrations, skits and other presentations may be conducted at specific times. It is advised that special note be made of those specific times as listed in the guide book.

One stop on the itinerary will be in Hancock’s Bridge. This stop represents the earliest period of history included in the Rally. Friends of Hancock House will be conducting their annual reenactments of Revolutionary times and visitors will be able to meet “Betsy Ross” among other patriots. Betsy Ross had ties to Salem County. Learn more about these ties at the Hancock House.

On the journey to or from Hancock’s Bridge, a drive through the historic city of Salem will feature architectural examples of many eras. A key will be provided for this drive-by experience. Market Street is also the home of The Salem County Historical Society, another of the stops on the Rally. They have documentation explaining the important role played by Salem County Women in the Underground Railroad system and the Civil War era. You may even see a presentation of women’s garments of that day, including live models and maybe some unusual undergarments.

At the Ware Complex on Cheney Road (behind the Vo-Tech) there will be two stops in one. Outdoors, the Westward Ho Migration of the 1820’s – 1840’s will be showcased with a covered wagon. The Third Star Fiber Guild women will also be on hand to demonstrate their skills and provide a glimpse of women at work in primitive surroundings. The second activity at the Ware Building will be held inside. The Off Broad Street Players Theatre will recreate excerpts from the musical “Hair” – commemorating the ‘Women’s Lib’ era 1960’s to 1990.

The Memorial Hospital of Salem County, the official registration site, will also house the Historical Society’s WWII exhibit. Women served in the military and also filled many vacancies while the men were away at war. While Rosie the Riveter was a national symbol for this movement, many examples pertaining to Salem County are available. The 4-H Seeing Eye dog club will be on hand to demonstrate their skills.

In Woodstown, the Salem County Branch of the American Association of University Women and the Women’s Club of Woodstown will sponsor women of the 1880’s through the end of the depression. Famous women will be portrayed, explaining their roles in the suffrage movement, the arts and government. Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart may be among those in attendance at the Friends Meeting House and Annex on north Main Street.

At the Friends Village in Woodstown, multigenerational discussions will be conducted. Several women will be talking about what life was like when they were young and about how life has changed in the spans of their own lifetimes. There will be a photo exhibit of the Commission on Women’s Honorees of past years.

The Commission invites everyone to participate in their Road Rally. Look for further details coming soon.

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