Free Bully-Proof Seminar

by Press Release | Sep 6, 2006
Free Bully-Proof Seminar “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Most adults remember this phrase, and some may have actually used it, but today defending against bullies takes more than just words. Children are smarter than we give them credit, and they are already aware and nervous about being bullied. Tall, short, thick, thin, minority, majority, it does not matter. Everyone who is bullied believes they have flaws.

The truth is; if you do not have self-confidence and self-respect, you may end up being a bully statistic.

Garaguso Karate and Leadership Academy, located in Williamstown, will conduct a Bully-Proof Seminar, September 21st at 6pm. This seminar is open and free to the public. Master Mike Garaguso has been teaching character education and leadership skills in addition to classical martial arts for over 22 years. Garaguso Karate and Leadership Academy knows that the best way to deter and defend against bullies is to build the proper confidence, awareness, and defense skills. Recognize the situation, Avoid conflict, Defend if necessary, and Escape without harm (also known as R.A.D.E.).

Please come visit our Black Belt Leadership Academy, so that we may share the secrets to a successful and bully-free school year.

Call Lee Stuart, Program Director and Manager, Garaguso Karate and Leadership Academy, at (856) 728-3315 for more information.

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