Don't Miss Your Chance to Enter

by Editorial | May 26, 2013
Don't Miss Your Chance to Enter Time is running out for you to enter your nominations for some of our online contests! Don’t wait! Enter your favorite physicians and the area's fastest growing companies.

Best Physicians
You've memorized their office hours and emergency phone numbers. You're on a first-name basis with their receptionists, and they probably know you by just your voice. They come from a variety of local hospitals, from a host of specialties. They're your physicians. In our August issue, South Jersey Magazine will highlight those physicians that have made an impact on the lives of people in our area. In the same issue, your vote for your favorite physicians can be counted! Please list the first name, last name and town of the physician you are nominating. Entries must be received by June 10, 2013.
To enter your nomination, click on Best Physicians 2013 under the South Jersey Magazine heading on

Fastest-Growing Companies
We are looking for our area’s up-and-comers to include in our Fastest-Growing Companies feature. If you know of a South Jersey business that is making significant strides in the business world despite the struggling economy, let us know. The deadline for submissions is June 3, 2013 and selected businesses will appear in the July issue of South Jersey Biz.
To enter your nomination, click on Fastest-Growing Companies under the South Jersey Biz heading on

Click here for our full contest listing.

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