Contract Terminated

by Press Release | Feb 27, 2005
Contract Terminated Having notified the contractor on the Bordentown Library expansion project that they are terminating its contract, Burlington County Freeholders today took possession of the work site on East Union Street.

Personnel from the Sheriff’s Department and Buildings and Grounds Department were at the jobsite at 7:30 AM today to oversee the installation of security fencing around the perimeter, and to change locks on the doors.

County Solicitor Evan H.C. Crook said the contract with Altchem Environmental Services, Inc. of Southampton, PA, was terminated because of issues related to work performance and delays, which he declined to specify.

Crook said the County had notified the bonding company that is insuring Altchem’s contract of the termination. He said the County’s immediate goal is to to determine the most expeditious procedure for completing the construction project.

“Everything the County undertakes at this point is part and parcel to getting the project back on track and completed as quickly as possible,” said Crook.

Having submitted the lowest of eight bids, Altchem’s contract to build a 12,000 square foot addition to the existing 4,200 square foot library was finalized in April 2003.

At that time, a completion date of early summer 2004 was anticipated. However, the work performance timetable has been extended three times since then.

To date, approximately $1.3 million has been paid to Altchem and its subcontractors on the $2.4 million project.

County staff overseeing the project estimate that 50 to 60 percent of the work is complete. The building is enclosed, exterior masonry work is complete, as is most of the roof work. Considerable interior work remains.

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