Cagno Explores Eastern US

by Press Release-Burlington County | Apr 5, 2005
Cagno Explores Eastern US Michael Cagno presents his “World of Black & White Collection I” at the Looking Glass Cafe in Millville.

Cagno is exploring and documenting the natural wonders of the eastern portion of the United States. His primary camera is a Canon 20D, which allows him to capture the subtleties of the natural landscape with amazing clarity. His photographic images reflect his devotion to protecting and enjoying the natural environment, his fascination with the ephemeral play of light on textures and forms in the landscape, and a reverence for history wild places. Trained as a portrait/model photographer and landscape painter, Cagno’s latest landscape photographs focuses not on the subject, but how light falls onto the subject.

Intrigued by this play of light on the natural landscape, Cagno constantly searches for shifting light and its transforming influence on textures, shadows, and colors in the environment. Typically photographing early in the morning before sunset and again towards the end of the day Cagno captures fascinating displays of light. He chooses to photograph when he senses there may be a moment when the light will reveal the spirit of the landscape. The purpose is to interpret and express that moment and bring it to print. Though Cagno is using the latest in digital technology, he does not do a lot of creative computer manipulation. Instead, like traditional photographers he focuses on exposure, composition, dodging and burning effects, and visual texture. While the language of photography has not changed, digital photography has become the method of choice. “If Ansel Adams were alive today, he would be using the latest technology.”

Cagno currently prints black and white images digitally on coated watercolor, luster, or velvet fine art paper with Epson archival Ultrachrome inks. The permanence of these prints rivals or exceeds that of the traditionally printed photographs and the control he has in exploring and isolating detail is limitless. Cagno’s intention in both his color and black and white printing is to convey truthfully and compassionately his impressions and emotions from the scene as exposed by the camera. Cagno’s photographs are limited to editions of 50 or fewer prints.

Michael Cagno's “World of Black & White Collection I” will be on display through May 9th at the Looking Glass Cafe, 16 North High Street, in Millville. For more information, call (856) 327-1666.

To see more of Cagno’s photography, paintings, and portrait/model photography, visit

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Author: Press Release-Burlington County


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