Heavy Weather Coming

Heavy Weather Coming Later this week, some parts of our area could see the remnants of Katrina.

As the remnants of Katrina get to our area, the heaviest rain will stay to the west of Philadelphia, until a trailing cold front comes through on Wednesday. That is our best chance of getting heavy rain, and then the high pressure builds in for the weekend.

How much rain? Our EarthWatch computer shows that the heaviest rain of two inches or more will come into the western part of Pennsylvania. If it moves into the Delaware Valley, it will probably be the worst in the Poconos.

On Tuesday, it will be another warm and muggy day with a high of 84 to 87 degrees and scattered heavy showers.

At the shore, Wednesday will be the stormiest day and then it is looking good for the Labor Day weekend as the sunshine comes out. Tuesday will be cloudy with a high of 79 degrees, Wednesday the high increases to 80 degrees and then on Thursday and Friday we will have sun. The high Thursday will be 82 degrees and the high Friday will be 80 degrees.

Away from the shore on Wednesday we can look for some tropical showers and a high of 85 degrees. Thursday, it will be less humid and sunny with just a trace of clouds and a high of 83 degrees. Then we are in for a magnificent holiday weekend -- sunny skies with temperatures ranging from 80 to 84 degrees.

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