More Than Money for Katrina Victims

by Press Release | Sep 25, 2005
More Than Money for Katrina Victims Benefit Consultants Group (BCG) has put together several programs to help the victims of Katrina. In addition to matching all financial donations made by employees to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, BCG is offering employment to evacuees and donating over 1,000 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones valued at $375,000, to help get the victims of Katrina back to work.

“Our company is expanding rapidly, so offering employment to displaced families was an easy decision,” said Beau Adams, Vice President of BCG. “We wanted to do more than just give money; we wanted to get people back to work.”

“To help businesses get back on their feet, we went to our sister company Alteva and came up with the idea of using VoIP communications to allow employees of affected businesses to work together in different locations,” Adams says. “The advanced technology of VoIP phones can unite employees in different states together as if they are right next to each other. This is all transparent to customers, so the quality of customer service will not be impacted.”

Like with many charity and fundraising events, BCG has taken a leading role in helping the victims of Katrina. According to Adams, “Generosity has always played a major role in our company’s philosophy and we contribute it to making us one of the top benefit and financial services provider in the country.”

Since 1958, BCG has been offering service packages that range from low-cost Retirement Plans, Actuarial Services, Plan Design and Recordkeeping.

BCG's Senior Executive Team, led by Robert Paglione, President of BCG, has made significant capital investments in its people, systems and technologies to enable the organization to meet the diverse requirements of its client base.

From its streamlined plan implementation process to operational flexibility, BCG can easily and quickly handle the needs of financial advisors and plan sponsors in all 50 states. In addition, BCG is SAS-70 Certified.

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