Faeries in the Garden

by Press Release-Camden Children's Garden | Feb 4, 2007
Faeries in the Garden The Camden City Garden Club, Inc. will present its eleventh consecutive Philadelphia Flower Show exhibit, A Child’s Imagination: Faeries in the Garden in conjunction with the Flower Show’s theme Legends of Ireland.

During these winter months, the Camden Children’s Garden staff and Youth staff keeps busy by preparing for the Philadelphia Flower Show. The Camden City Garden Club’s Youth Employment and Training Program creates full-time and part-time year-round employment for twelve young people, most from the City of Camden. It provides paid employment along with job-readiness and job-training skills for the participants, who range in ages from 14 to 22.

The Garden’s Youth employees participate by aiding in the building of the hardscape, creating tiny faerie houses and they will help install the exhibit on the floor of the Philadelphia Convention Center during the Show’s set-up week. This program also gives these teens an opportunity to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show, and share their talents with the 300,000 visitors of the Philadelphia Flower Show.

The Youth Employment and Training Program is conducted at the Camden Children’s Garden on the Camden City waterfront and in the community. Gaining valuable work experience, these youth employees have become important members of the Children’s Garden staff. The young workers who are known for their friendly natures and positive attitudes invite families to “come outside and play” at the Children’s Garden throughout the year. This program is made possible by the generous support of the Campbell Soup Foundation, ING, the Philadelphia Eagles, PNC, St. Lawrence Cement, Commerce Bank and the William Penn Foundation.

During the summer, the students work full time. Daily tasks include weeding, watering, greeting visitors in the Philadelphia Eagles Four Seasons Butterfly House and Ginkgo’s Gift Shop, assisting in the office, helping with exhibit construction, and hosting interactive activities during special events. Summer Youth also embark on creative tasks, such as creating unique and artistic Garden benches that are hand painted. Many are on display at the Children’s Garden. The Youth will also embark on educational and fun field trips with Garden staff, as well as learn skills in their training classes (2 classes per week). During the school year, Summer Youth staff members are offered the chance to work part-time, weekend hours. They become recognizable members of the staff, hosting birthday parties and assisting children with craft and educational activities during Festivals.

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Author: Press Release-Camden Children's Garden


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