Transforming Camden's Streets

by Press Release-Rutgers-Camden | Dec 9, 2007
Transforming Camden's Streets A crack in a sidewalk may be unsightly to some, but to Rutgers University—Camden art students it’s inspiration. Following Surrealist Max Ernst’s method of using etchings of sidewalk cracks as fodder for interpretative exploration, the Rutgers-Camden students have painted works born literally from the streets of Camden. And if the city inspired these creations, why not install them where city dwellers can see?

Students enrolled in Introduction to Conceptual Art Making, taught by sculpture artist Elizabeth Demaray (assistant professor, art), will exhibit their original Surrealist works on a now vacant building on Market Street, between Second and Third Streets in Camden, through Monday, Dec. 10.

Rutgers students also will transform Camden into a literal “street of dreams” as they additionally display art they created from a dream interpretation assignment. The budding artists set their alarm clocks a half hour early each morning to collect their dreams with journals and then paint out the dreams they remembered.

“The course studies the history of different art movements. While we study, we make art that the artists of the times we’re studying utilized. These assignments reflect Surrealist concepts,” says Demaray, who began this public installation outreach last year on a boarded-up storefront on Third Street, between Market and Cooper Streets. That same location will soon open as Nathan’s Hotdogs.

According to Demaray, excited Camden residents even contributed artwork to be displayed on the spot once they realized public art was being installed at an open venue. “Everyone who saw the exhibit last year was so happy. Nobody messed with the art. And our students suddenly have an audience,” Demaray adds.

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Author: Press Release-Rutgers-Camden


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