African American Heritage Museum Show

by Press Release | Mar 13, 2008
African American Heritage Museum Show The historic photographs and documents of Soundra and Pierre Hollingsworth will be exhibited with the campaign material, film and photos of former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Usry at the African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey. The exhibit allows a closer look at a trio of dynamic African Americans who made a strong impact on Atlantic City society and politics for many years. Pierre Hollingsworth was the former Fire Captain and President of the NAACP and his wife, Soundra, was widely known for her gospel television program and good works.

Ms. Usry-Hollingsworth’s recently discovered artwork will be exhibited along with the paintings of Carol Cuyjet and the mosaics of Larry B. Joseph from March 15 to June 14, 2008.

Ms. Cuyjet is an artist and educator who received her degree in art education from Glassboro State College. She created the illustrations for “The Porcupine and The Boa Constrictor” a children’s story based upon an African folk tale by Dr. K. Christopher Toussaint. Watercolor illustrations from the book form the core of Cuyjet’s exhibit which is complemented by the photographs of her husband, Stephen. Both the artist and the author will be available to autograph their book at the reception.

Mr. Joseph is an accomplished mixed media artist who derives his inspiration from travels in Africa, Europe, South America and the West Indies. His vibrant paintings and mosaics are influenced by the music and musicians of his Brooklyn neighborhood where Jazz, Southern Soul, Caribbean, Latin and African music filled the air.

The Reception will be held on Sunday, March 16, 2008, from 2:00-5:00 P.M. The Museum is located at 661 Jackson Road in Newtonville, New Jersey. For directions or information regarding the museum please visit the website, Admission is free. Donations are encouraged

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