County Vaccination Program Set

County Vaccination Program Set The Burlington County Health Department will sponsor 21 vaccination clinics starting October 13th for senior citizens and chronically ill adults who are at high risk for influenza and pneumonia. Shots are free to those who cannot afford them.

“Annual immunizations are effective in controlling flu, which can be very serious among the elderly and chronically ill. The schedule includes a Saturday clinic on November 20th for those who may have difficulty coming to our weekday clinics,” said Freeholder Dawn Marie Addiego.

The immunization program targets the most vulnerable populations, chronically ill adults, senior citizens over the age of 65, residents in nursing homes and health care workers.

The “pneumo” vaccine is also recommended for those who have not been immunized against pneumonia. Last year the county administered 3,485 vaccines for flu and 111 for pneumonia.

For those not covered under Medicare Part B, the Health Department will accept voluntary contributions from those who can afford it. A $5 donation is suggested, however, any contribution is appreciated. Otherwise, the shots are free.

Individuals who are not at high risk are encouraged to contact their family physicians regarding immunizations.

Besides Moorestown VNA and other health care providers around the County, many physicians provide flu and pneumo immunizations in their offices. For those with Medicare Part B, flu and pneumo immunizations are benefits covered by Medicare.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention recommends immunizations for adults with chronic disorders of the pulmonary or cardiovascular system, chronic metabolic diseases (including diabetes mellitus), renal dysfunction, hemoglobinopathies or immunosuppression. People with questions on whether or not to receive either immunization should consult their physician.

Persons who should not receive the flu vaccine include those who are allergic to eggs and those with acute fevers. Pregnant women and persons receiving extensive chemotherapy should not be immunized until they consult their physician. Any person who has ever been paralyzed by Guillain Barre Syndrome should consult with their physician about special risks. The pneumo vaccine should not be given to persons who are allergic to the preservative Phenol. For further information, contact the Health Department at (609) 265-5533.

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